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Joe Zobkiw

[self headInClouds];


I'm a Mac and iOS software developer who has been writing code for Apple products since 1986.

You can learn more about my work at Zobcode LLC.

You can read some bibble babble here Zoblog.


Summer of 2015 has me working with my friends at Shutterfly once again - has it been a whole year?

Winter 2015 brings Swift 1.2 and a rewrite of the (currently Objective-C) Roundware iOS Framework.

In the fall and winter of 2014 I worked with the amazing people at Timehop in NYC.

During the summer of 2014 I worked with Shutterfly's super-talented, NYC-based mobile team to implement a new feature in their extremely popular iPhone app.

I contributed to The Hype Machine's iOS app - the best audio player for finding new music!

Jordan Rudess Explores

Jordan Rudess Explores is an interactive iOS app based on the solo piano album All That Is Now by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist extraordinaire for the progressive-metal group Dream Theater.

A3E (Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange) 2014 Boston conference Advisory Board member

Timehop is a time capsule of you for which I wrote both Mac and iOS code with their awesome NYC-based team.

I am a constant contributor to Halsey Burgund's location-aware audio platform Roundware and many of the apps that use it, including those for The Smithsonian.




Please contact me if I can assist with your project.

email  /  twitter @zobskewed  /  google+