Joe Zobkiw


I’m Joe.

I’ve been designing and developing software solutions my entire career. I’ve focused on native software, web apps, mobile development, platform architecture, and people and project management. I’ve worked for startups, small companies, large companies, academia, big Pharma, and the leading retailer and manufacturing company of high-quality, personalized products. I’ve written code, managed projects and/or teams (both local and international) for The Smithsonian, UNESCO, Microsoft, Facebook/Meta, Shutterfly, Timehop, Wayfair, and many others. I’ve also written two advanced programming books and recently released a third tech/career-oriented book focused on helping people work better with their teams. You can learn more about it at

I am capable of working independently, melding into a team, turning a team around, and/or managing a project from start to finish all the while focused on the bottom line, technical excellence, and smart business decisions. I pride myself on being able to bridge the gap between the technical and the not-so-technical in an organization, helping to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout a project.

I’m primarily interested in leadership positions in engineering and product direction, including building, mentoring, and guiding teams and individuals to help them successfully manage their careers while building great products.

Please contact me if I can be of service to your organization.

PS: Other interests include photography, music, and art.